Check The Three Common Techniques Of Plastic Molding!

Check The Three Common Techniques Of Plastic Molding!

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In all likeliness, you must have heard about plastic molding, which is all about making plastic parts using liquid material, which is eventually shaped using a mold or a matrix.  A number of unique and different techniques are used for plastic molding, depending on the requirements. More frequently, a liquid polymer material, such as polypropylene or even polyethylene, used for making the parts. The art and science of plastic molding started somewhere in late 1800’s. There are many different types of plastic molding, and in this post, we will talk about the three common techniques.

Rotational Molding

Also, simply known as rotomolding, rotational molding is typically used for producing hollow plastic parts. Liquid resin material is placed in a mold, which is then rotated in an oven, which allows the material to coat the entire inner surface of the mold. Thanks to the rotation, even-walled products are created using rotational molding, and once the mold has been cooled down, the hardened plastic product is removed. As compared to other options, rotational molding is considered to be an effective choice, as there is little wastage of material, which makes it economical too. You can look for companies and manufacturers online that specialize in this technique.

Injection Molding

Another popular technique of plastic molding is known as injection molding, in which liquid plastic material is injected into metal molds at a high pressure. Later, the mold is cooled down and the plastic product is taking out. In most cases, injection molding is used for making custom plastic parts in larger volumes, and it can be used for making precision products. The molds are usually made of aluminum or steel, and therefore, the cost of production can be high, especially for smaller orders. For the best economic benefits, injection molding should be used for larger needs.

Blow Molding

Blow molding is used for making custom and thin-walled plastic parts. The principles used for this technique is same as glass blowing. Basically, the machines used for the process heat up plastic material by injecting air into the material. The plastic is blown in a specific mold, and it presses against the walls and takes the shape. The balloon, once it has filled the mold, is then cooled, and the part is taken out. Large volumes of products can be made in a small time using blow molding.

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