Concrete Slab Raising Is Cost Beneficial Than Concrete Replacement

Concrete Slab Raising Is Cost Beneficial Than Concrete Replacement

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Concrete slabs in the patio, steps, stoops, and driveways can sink due to poor soil conditions, tree roots, incorrect compaction or improper drainage. If the concrete is sound structurally then why opt for concrete replacement. Concrete raising is more cost-beneficial than replacing in terms of money and time.

Understand the difference between concrete replacing and raising

Labour cost

In concrete replacing, you need to hire crew to demolish, remove, discard and stabilize the failed slab. Then re-pour new concrete and allow it to cure. Lots of manpower, materials, and time get invested, which finally equals to lengthy bills and days of waiting.

Alternatively, concrete raising reduces the overall cost to 50% in comparison. Time taken in terms of completion and curing is exponentially quicker.

Impact on surrounding

Heavy and large equipment are needed to demolish the collapsed slab and re-pour new concrete. You may be forced to move the warehouse or can damage the landscape, which surround the slab.

On the other hand, concrete raising has very low impact on the surroundings. The necessary equipment is parked faraway. Moreover, it is capable to get to hard-to-reach spaces.

Low injury risk

Commercial or residential properties with compromised and uneven concrete slabs are risky for users. Concrete slabs replacement project can last for days or weeks. This increases the possibility of tenants, workers, or passerby to slip and get injured.

Conversely, concrete raising task lasts for 2 to 5 hours, depending on severity of issue. It is ready to use as soon as the task gets completed. Cost, downtime, and possibility for injury gets substantially decreased, when raising is chosen.

Advantages of concrete raising

  • Walk or drive on raised concrete instantly or within hours.
  • Raising concrete is cost-effective i.e. 1/3 to ½ the replacement cost.
  • Task is done quickly because no concrete is to be removed and hauled away. No need for base preparation and curing time is minimal.
  • ‘Go Green’ by saving good concrete structure getting destroyed and going to landfill.
  • No need for labor demanding landscaping repair.
  • No concern about messy cleanup.
  • Work gets done in hours rather than days.
  • Increases curb appeal and add to property value.

How professionals lift concrete?

Concrete raising Houston crew drill 1-inch homes in concrete slabs. Foam material get pulped inside, which expands and fills void space under the slab and the concrete rises upwards. The holes are filled with quick setting concrete. When completed, the repairs are less noticeable.

Make your sidewalks and patio safe using concrete raising method. At minimal cost gain more benefit!

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