Execute a Seamless and Well-Organized Catering Menu for your Event

Execute a Seamless and Well-Organized Catering Menu for your Event

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When you organize an event, the first thing that comes to your mind is to present top-class food. This is because majorly guests are concerned about the type of food being offered. When there is an event which is organized in a huge scale then deciding on food can become a bit difficult in a limited cost. You can’t keep in mind everyone’s taste and prepare dish accordingly. Thus, you hire someone who can take care of this burden and provide you relief.

The menu for any event depends upon the occasion. It can be buffet or plated arrangements and each has its own way of presenting food. In a buffet, you will not have any complicated dish that needs a knife and fork to eat, but in seating arrangements you can also offer soup with salad. Lunch catering is done depending upon the kind of event that has been organized.

There are various forms of lunch events that are categorized accordingly –

  • Deli buffets
  • Themed buffet
  • Lunch boxes
  • Customized menu

Deli buffets

It is generally organized for simple events and food provided is simple and can be eaten with fingers. We are referring to food like French fries, salads, sandwiches, hotdogs, brownies and cookies.

Themed buffet

There is theme associated with the event and the cuisine should be similar to the theme to create a memorable event. For example, American theme includes burger and fries, Asian theme has rice, noodles and spring rolls.  This makes it easy for the planner to decide the menu with the catering service.

Lunch boxes

This is the most convenient way of treating your guests. You need to keep boxes packed and ready with all the stuffs that you wish to give and simply hand it over to them. This way, you wouldn’t need cutlery and your guests would focus on meeting. Sandwiches, chips, cookies, brownies, fries, fruits are some of the eatable items present in the list.

Customized menu

When it is a huge event where you want to impress your client with something special you tend to organize your own menu. Such events would have proper salad, drinks and soups as appetizers. Main course would consist of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes like beef, ham, pasta, rice etc. and finally they will, have a dessert with ice cream or chocolate mousse.

This all can end up well if you start nicely keeping everyone in mind. If you want, you can start with refreshments by keeping flavored water or energy drink. During meetings and seminars, people give speeches which should be followed by a welcome drink. Thus, when you volunteer to organize an event keep these few things in mind.

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