How Is Car Insurance Renewal Done?

How Is Car Insurance Renewal Done?

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In 2018, it is common to see the sales of automobiles and two-wheelers skyrocketing like never before. The downside of this upsurge in the number of vehicles on Indian roads is the increasing number of accidents. Along with erratic traffic rules and rash driving, overcrowding and bad driving are the primary causes attributed to the escalated number of injuries and deaths on road. Keeping this in mind, people are opting for different kinds of auto insurance plans to safeguard themselves against the financial repercussions of accidents and accidental injuries.

This is specifically true when it comes to getting the obligatory third-party liability coverage through an appropriate car insurance. While these policies cover the damages inflicted on third-party vehicles, property, and people, they fail to provide protection for personal damages or loss/total damage to your vehicle. You may have to pay several out-of-pocket costs that may take a heavy toll on your finances. Given all this and more, it is very important to get your car insurance renewed at the earliest.

Steps to Follow for Car Insurance Renewal

The entire process of car insurance renewal can take place in two ways:

1. Get in touch with your insurance company

Once your existing car insurance policy is approaching renewal, you may reach out to the office of your insurance company to get your policy renewed after paying a fixed premium as per the plan chosen by you. In return, you will be awarded the printout of the renewed car insurance policy and the acknowledgement of payment receipt. It is that simple!

2. Online payment for car insurance renewal

You may want to go through the entire process ofcar insurance renewal by opting to pay the premium through reliable online means on insurance aggregator and comparison portals like All that you need to do is get a fair idea of the No Claim Bonus applicable, the Insured Declared Value, and other car specific details in hand before asking for car insurance quotes online.

Next, you need to fill up an application form with personal details such as your name, address, contact details, date of birth, etc. You will also be asked to fill in car-related details such as the model, make, RTO, year of manufacture, etc. Once you file in the details online, you will get access to quotes for car insurance from different insurance companies. These quotes will take your needs and details into reckoning and may provide attractive discounts, lower premium rates, and higher coverage to enable a successful buy.

Once you are completely sure of the car insurance plan that you would like to invest in, go ahead with the process of paying the renewal premium online. You may use NEFT, Debit Card, or Credit Card as your preferred payment mode. By choosing to pay online, you can go about the task without having to step out of the comforts of your home. Online car insurance renewal necessitates just a few clicks on your part and cuts down on the time needed for commuting or waiting. Remember to take a printout of the online transaction for posterity; it will be a proof of your payment. How would you like to renew your auto insurance plan online?

Easy Ways to Get Your Car Insurance Renewal Done

Renewing automobile insurance plans online come packaged with their own perks. Be it with respect to comparing the best car insurance policies online and then choosing the ones that adhere to your needs, or matching your premium budget to the hilt, reliable insurance portals are really helpful indeed. So, assess your coverage needs at the earliest, figure out the premium amount that you would like to give earnestly, and buy the policy of your choice online. This is one of the easiest ways of renewing your car insurance plan, and that too in the quickest of ways.

Online Car Insurance Renewal

Log onto at the earliest to compare and buy the best auto insurance plan online. You may want to check out different plans before freezing on the one of your choice. Do remember the significance of getting the obligatory third-party premium renewal done at the earliest!

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