Importance of Bolt Tensioning in Various Industrial Applications

Importance of Bolt Tensioning in Various Industrial Applications

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Bolt tensioning is considered a great way to tighten big diameter bolts. This is used in many industrial applications because of its accuracy. Industries that make use of heat exchangers and pipeline flanges can take advantage of this method.

Reasons for Using Bolt Tensioning

Industries that give lots of emphasis to the importance of accuracy use bolt tensioning as a viable option. They use hydraulic tensioners to eliminate the worry about torsional loading and issues associated with direct loading, which can result in damages while the assembly process takes place. These tensioners work perfectly for the majority of important task and applications associated with stud and bolt tightening.

How a Hydraulic Tension Works

The stud stretches once the hydraulic pressure is added, separating the hex nut from the joint flange. This makes is quicker and easier to run down the nut to joint flange’s base. After applying the pressure, a bolting tool runs the nut down. This tool is inserted into the nut ring and turned manually. Then, the next step is to release the pressure by turning the hydraulic power pack off. Once the pressure is released, the cylinder is pushed back down into place by the built-in spring. After releasing the stud’s load, you just have to unscrew the stud puller, disconnect the hose and lift up the tensioner. Snugging the nut against the flange leads to the release of the load cell’s pressure.

Helpful Tips when Purchasing Tensioners

Those who are looking to invest in hydraulic tensioners should look for a dependable manufacturer first. Industrial requirements tend to vary and so do the sizes and styles of hydraulic tensioners. It is imperative to look for some manufacturers who are capable of handling custom orders. However, make sure you check their products’ overall prices. These companies should provide you an estimate of the costs involved and you can discuss this with them later. After agreeing on the price, make sure your chosen manufacturer will give support. This support should be more than just the basic one they can give in terms of how to use the tensioners. Ensure they will give you assistance after the sale. Moreover, you should be dealing with a company that has been in the industry for many years. If you want to know more about their type of work and the order sizes they can handle, take time to check their clientele.

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