Improving Customer Satisfaction

Improving Customer Satisfaction

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Customers need to be kept satisfied, it’s one of the most important endeavours in a business. Unsatisfied customers can affect review ratings, profits, and even future business, especially if word of complaints starts to spread. Customers deal with by many different people in any company that they walk into, there are multiple points for every customer which could cause dissatisfaction, be it the service provided by the sales person, the reaction of the customer service team, the delivery service, and many more factors. Customers, though good for business, are possibly one of the biggest reasons that problems in your company will get noticed. Measuring customer satisfaction, therefore, is paramount to the success of your business.

Before you are able to improve upon your customer satisfaction, first, you must be able to identify what your customers need, and what your company falls short on. Customer satisfaction surveys are the best way to do this, as they are the only real, accurate result of a customer’s feeling on your services that can be recorded. After a customer completes a survey, you get real results that you can work with, which is why many customer surveys are given with responses in number format, because it’s easier to see which areas need to be worked on when you’re looking at tangible and understandable data.

Once you have that data, and you can easily see which of your services and products needs to be improved, you can then set about improving them. One way to start hashing out ideas is setting up a focus group, either with employees or customers, that focus on the individual issues that customers have brought to light in your surveys. Smaller workgroups tend to be more likely to make progress on these processes than larger ones, because too many voices can mean too many opinions, and it can be difficult to cater to the needs of the many, especially if there are confliction solutions and ideas.

Any plan for improving customer satisfaction must address each vital issue, some of which be long-term processes that need solutions, and might require a significant financial investment to fix. However, some issues that are addressed will likely cost very little, and can be done easily. Although these smaller issues may have little impact on the overall results of customer satisfaction, they’re still important; if one person has noticed it, surely someone else has as well, which means it’s important.

For quick customer service results, sending out your questions via email is the easiest, and most non-obtrusive way. Customers don’t enjoy being heckled and harassed for surveys. Emails can be quickly answered, especially with a short survey, and they’re more likely to be completed if you offer some sort of prize draw for completion; fact: free things are welcome.

Douglas Stafford offer constructive customer satisfaction questionnaires, which can help a company identify the issues and strengths within their company, and assist in ensuring that the service you’re committed to offering is changed for the better.

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