5 Sales Tips To Close More Deals

5 Sales Tips To Close More Deals

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No matter what is the nature of your business, as an entrepreneur, you understand that its success is dependent on the sales you close. It may sound simple but if you ask any successful sales professionals, they will tell you that closing a deal relies on many factors and techniques.

There are many important parts of the process, lead generating, qualifying, following up and general communication/knowledge. But closing is the elite art which all sales people will pride themselves on, as an ultimate metric for ‘the greatest’. Unfortunately, no one remembered the person who, almost, got lots of sales…

After asking around many successful salespeople, we have compiled this list to share with you some of the greatest tips on closing the best sales of your career.

  1. Ability to Judge a Potential Client

Being able to adapt and understand on the first meeting that a customer would close a sale or not is a superpower in the business world. To judge a good prospect, you simply need a good ear. If on your first meeting, the potential client is asking detailed questions about your products or services or showing his discontent with some of your competitors, there is a likely chance of sealing the deal.

  1. Be Confident

Never doubt the product you are selling or yourself. If the client gets even the slightest of hint that you not confident about what you are doing or in your product, he would keep pushing you around. Instead, go slow, stick to your script and reflect a strong personality. Many people are susceptible and can be easily overpowered by anyone with a strong and confident presence.

  1. Be Responsive

Being responsive to the questions you are being asked is crucial but a simple yes or no fails to make any sort of influential impact on the potential client. Try to answer a question with a question of your own. Like if a client asks you about the services you offer rather then reading him the list of services you can ask him what he is looking for. This will not make your client feel special but also make your services feel customized.

  1. Don’t Be Dominant

Do not let your prospect feel like he is being dominated. You can avoid this by not contradicting with his statements. Try to share objective information and then ask for your prospect about his views. This allows him to weigh in your information and respond to you positively rather than just trying to outdo you with aggressive replies.

  1. Do Not Make It Personal

Always remember that tough customers are part of the business and you do not have to feel intimidated by them. Never lose your cool and always be respectful toward others. If it feels like that things are getting out of hands, just end the meeting and get out of there. Remember that you win some and you lose some but if you managed to keep your cool and got out in time, you might be able to approach the same prospect again in a few weeks’ time. After all, giving it another shot is better than losing a prospect permanently.

Remember these tips when heading out for your next meetings and you will see your sales rise drastically.

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