Buying Log Loaders? Don’t Miss The Basic Aspects!

Buying Log Loaders? Don’t Miss The Basic Aspects!

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With increasing demand for wood, businesses in forestry are booming. Transporting timber from one place to another is often hard, especially when it comes to loading. Log loaders, as the name suggests, is designed load and unload large pieces of log. Since prix chargeuse à bois is on the higher side, it makes sense to compare a few options. Here are the things you should be checking for.

The types

The most common kind is a knuckle boom loader, which can be trailer mounted, wheel or track based. Grapples are such that loading and unloading is really easy. Then there are wheel loaders, which can be used for the purpose and come with a set of forks with grapple for picking logs. Wheel loaders are designed for quick pickup and are more ideal when numbers are huge and the loading time needs to be reduced. Another boom type loader is the truck-mounted ones, which are also great for regular use, but reduces payload for the truck considerably. Many self-propelled loaders are often used for short-lifting and are usually mounted on a wheeled chassis.

Buying vs. renting

There are many known vendors dealing in log loaders. However, the prime question remains – Should you buy a log loader or settle for a rented choice? This depends on the kind of business you have, but log loaders are must-have essentials for companies that deal in log handle, timber processing and related businesses. In fact, these are also required by retailers. If you consider the long-term use of your business, renting isn’t the ideal choice, because it isn’t a cheap option either. Eventually, if you don’t need the loader, you can rent it out.

Where to buy?

Most vendors have their websites, where you can check and compare log loaders. The idea is to select something that will sustain for at least a decade and is capable of handling more work as business gets better. Make sure that you don’t settle for something cheap just for the price. Loaders are investments and should be considered as one. There are easy financing options and flexible payment terms, so you don’t realistically spend everything that the business has. Compare the accessories, the ease of operations and other relevant factors before you take a call on the price. Some brands and manufacturers are better for obvious reasons, but do ask for a brochure to know why one loader is better than the other.

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