Check out 5 out of the box E-commerce marketing strategies of 2018

Check out 5 out of the box E-commerce marketing strategies of 2018

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It is very, very safe and apt to say that the world is never the same after the advent of the Internet. Time, could as well be classified as “Before Internet” and “After Internet”. A LOT, from shopping, business, marketing and even dating has become simple, so much so that just a click or two is just enough to get the work done.

As with every other thing, marketing also has changed by leaps and bounds after the advent of the internet. Selling anything, from shoes to SUVs has become a piece of cake with e-commerce marketing software. With a lot of organizations going digital and making use of the internet to run their business, let us have a look at the top e-commerce marketing strategies of this year.

  1. Social Media Marketing

It goes without saying that social media marketing is THE card which beats all the players when it comes to ecommerce marketing. With attractive and interactive visual ads, establishing a customer base in purely visual media networks like Pinterest and Instagram is the top strategy one could go for, in today’s scenario. That doesn’t mean Facebook and Twitter is not an effective medium for establishing your business. Instead of going for paid promotional ads all the time on social media, designing ad campaigns which are interactive and more attractive is the key when it comes to establish yourself as a brand in social media marketing platforms.

  1. Content Marketing

Not everyone is the same. Some maybe visually influenced, for some analytical and practical geeks like us, we need more of reasoning and writeup to attract business. Content marketing is all about blog posts, articles, videos and writeups regarding your product.

The main point to be noted in case of content marketing is the usage of keywords. Make sure you use simple and effective keywords that are more likely to get more hits. Complex and complicated words are not commonly used to search for a product. For instance, if you are a company trying to establish a business in custom made gifts, the best strategy would be to post blog content or videos just before Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas and such important days on “10 perfect gifts to gift your love/mom/ this Valentine’s Day/Mother’s Day/Christmas season.

  1. Building a solid mailing list

The customer looks at your ad/blog and takes a moment to visit your website. But he decides not to buy anything now – so what next? In such cases, whenever there is a hit on your website, you can use ecommerce marketing software to generate a pop up asking the potential customer for his or her mail id, promising them exciting offers when they return back the next time.

Also, this can also be used to send regular newsletters to the customers. If the customers have signed up for your updates it obviously means they will love to hear more from you on that particular topic. In case they wish not to hear from you anymore they always have an option to unsubscribe. So, collecting the mail ids of potential customers and building a solid mailing list is very important. In either way, it is a win-win strategy.

  1. Pay-Per Click Marketing

This is one of the hardest but high return on investment (ROI) generating method. Pay-per click marketing works by popping your ad on targeted audience’s screens. Once they click on your ad, they get redirected to your website and you get charged for that click.

As simple it might seem, this type of marketing requires lot of ground work for one bad ad choice will cost you a fortune. Alternatively, you can outsource this job to ad companies and rest assured that it is taken care of effectively.

  1. Re-design your website

Creating ad campaigns and targeting audiences and customers are one part of the job. The other, and most important part of it is to make sure your website is well designed, easy to use and attractive in addition to being easily navigable. A good website layout is sure to delight the customers. Strategizing the placement of icons and options are a one-time work but it is bound to keep customers coming in. After all, customers these days reach out to ecommerce for saving time and for the ease of shopping it offers. You don’t want them to hang around and waste their time in unearthing what they want on your website.

With the right marketing strategies, and with relevant marketing material, it is always possible to achieve the market sales and the revenues that you always have been aiming for. What more, ecommerce marketing strategies also help you in tracking all the customer data and sales real time. Now that’s two birds with one stone isn’t?

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