Few Things to Know on E Waste Hazards and Apt Ways to Resolve the Issues

Few Things to Know on E Waste Hazards and Apt Ways to Resolve the Issues

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The exponential growth in technology has been quite advantageous for mankind however there are few disadvantages that need to be considered for the well being of environment. E waste is one such hazard. Presently, e waste is considered to be one of the prominent reasons for global warming as well as spoiling the health of living beings.

What exactly is e waste?

Electronic items which are thrown away for disposal is termed as e- waste. The goods are destroyed in pieces before dumping them in dump yard or thrown in land fill. The harmful elements present in them slowly react with the soil, air and water. The kind of pollution is the cause of ill health of human beings.

What are the hazards of e waste?

  • Health issues which are mainly due to the chemicals like lead, mercury and other toxins present in the composition of the electronic devises. The people and other living organisms living nearby the dump yard or landfill are gravely affected by exposure to such toxins. The elements have the ability to affect the smooth functioning of many organs in the body and even decrease the immunity in people leading to severe ailments.
  • Pollution due to e waste presents a major risk factor. The chemicals and compounds are highly dangerous that mix with the soil making it unfertile. Even groundwater is affected. Breathing unhealthy air surrounding the e waste damping area makes people and other living organisms ill. The soil loses the useful nutrients essential for irrigation.

  • Plays a great role in promoting cybercrime. People due to unawareness don’t think about deleting the data stored in the PC, laptops, digital copiers and smart phones making it easy for hackers to derive all the confidential information.


The only way is to use proper methods to dispose the whole waste. Recycling can be one of the best methods to implant. Unfortunately, many people aren’t aware of the appropriate methods to do the recycling or refurbishing of the unusable electronic items.

In recycling, the electronic items are reused to make new units. In refurbishing the items are sold for low prices to be used by another buyer.

The mode of electronics recycling isn’t a new concept, even though a vast scale awareness program need to be undertaken for reducing the hazards faced due to e waste.

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