How to be successful with a presentation

How to be successful with a presentation

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In recent times, everything is marketed, even a person is listened to if they speak with proper preparation. This won’t be wrong to say that today, if you want to grab the attention of the audience, you need to present yourself properly. Right choice of time, set of words and action plans are necessary.

There is a process with few steps which could help you in presenting efficiently, these steps are easy, but are very essential for a successful presentation. Just have a look:

  • Prepare yourself properly
  • Practice well
  • Efficient and attractive opening
  • Introduce the topic and yourself
  • Use of correct gestures
  • Question answer session
  • Impactive closing

Prepare yourself properly

For any task which is to be done in future, one needs to prepare themselves properly, by identifying the issue, gathering the facts and determining the audience to which they are going to engage with. This preparation is the first step in the success of your presentation.

Practice well

Once the preparation is done, you need to organise the material which you must present, after organising it, practice it again and again. It is a common saying that practice makes perfect, this saying is applicable and works a lot.

Attractive and efficient opening

People love to listen to those who have something new, or that is attention grabbing to share. Try to make your opening as attractive and efficient as you can, add some acts, drama or any thing that can grab the attention of your audience quickly, but remember that, it must be relevant to your topic. Try to remember that sometimes attention seeking drags you somewhere else, which results into failure.

Introduce yourself and the topic

It is the audiences right to know whom they are going to be listening to, and what they are going to listen to. So, the presenter must briefly introduce themselves, and the topic to the audience, but remember that the introduction must be attractive but also to remain brief, it should not be too lengthy. If a presentation becomes too lengthy, there is chance that attention of the listener could divert, if the introduction goes on for too long.

Use of correct gestures

While presenting something, one should choose the best gestures to create an efficient non-verbal communication. As it is said that,” if you are hiding something, then you are hiding something”. If the presenter is using such gestures which shows that theyare confused or not prepared,  theaudience won’t be benefitting efficiently.

Question and answer sessions

To retain the attention of the listeners, you need to place an open question & answer session, this way the audience won’t get bored, and their queries can be answered which makes your presentation successful.

Impactive closure

All is well if it ends well, this saying is highly applicable when you are planning a presentation. Make a closure that leaves an everlasting impact on the listeners heart.

Dale Carnegie is one of the training gurus, they believethat if you follow these steps with critical care, no one can stop you from succeeding in presentation.

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