Releasing Life Boats from Boat Davits

Releasing Life Boats from Boat Davits

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A boat davit is a crane like system used on a ship that is used to support smaller boats as well as to lower them. The most common application of a davit is to lower life boats in the event of emergencies. Davits can also be used to rescue people from the harsh waters and place them on the ship. While lowering boats in disasters, certain procedures can be applied to free the boats in the sea.

On Load Method:

With on load procedure, life boats can be set loose through the wire with the presence of people in it. In on-load mechanism, the davit is controlled in such a manner where the released life boat is about to make contact with the top of the water. This ensures the safety of the boat’s as well as of those who are inside it. A control is given to those in the boat so they can manage the procedure effectively. Due to this control, in the event that the main ship or boat is damaged due to a storm or attack, those in the life boat can easily set off without having to rely on anyone on the main ship.

Off Load Method:

With the offload process, the davit lets the boat set free when the boat is safely placed on the surface of the water. But how does the davit know the right time to let the boat go free?  As the boat comes in to contact with the sea, the total weight of the boat on the davit decreases quickly, triggering the release mechanism.

Sometimes due to a few reasons, the davit cannot let the boat go free even when it has come into contact with the water. In such instances, the people in the ship have the option to manually separate the hook of the davit from the boat. Off load can be risky if the main ship or boat is in a state of trouble as it will be difficult for people in the main ship to go to the davit system and thus onus will be on the people in the life boat to go up and fix it.

Free Fall:

Free fall lifeboat is created to battle the most dangerous of emergencies. Imagine a ship getting attacked by pirates or having a fire such that there is no time to wait for the on load procedure to lower the ship in the sea. Free Fall process can be life saving on these occasions. In free fall, the boat is released from a sloping surface. Like on load process, there is a lever inside the lifeboat that can help the people inside disengage the boat in the event of a crisis. This disengagement through the lever requires force. At times, the lack of pressure can make it harder for the lifeboat to go through the slope. In such cases, there is a pump is given to generate the required pressure.

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