Singapore Company Registration – Step-by-step Guide

Singapore Company Registration – Step-by-step Guide

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There are specific steps to put together a Singapore company. This might take some while to complete. However, once done, you will find points to consider also. You will have to perform a couple of things before you begin business in Singapore.

Acquiring Licenses

Your company may need permission an email psychic reading began. Yet, not every companies have to have licenses to function. Actually, most people that think about the setup of the Singapore company won’t need a license. However there’s a couple of exceptions. These fall under three different groups:

1. A few of these licenses will come under the required or compulsory title. Including banks, childcare centers, and retail liquor establishments. Additionally, it consumes travel agencies, lenders, and independently run schools. Companies that come under the heading of wholesalers or importers/exporters, will need a unique license.

2. Possibly you intend on establishing a professional service like an attorney. You will have to make an application for an work-related license. Including professions like physicians and accountants. Also if you are planning to exchange goods like a business you will have to be licensed.

3. Certain activities may also need a license or permit. For instance you may decide to build or make enhancements for your business property. Possibly you want to erect large signs or billboards to promote. Many of these things will need a permit.

Banking account

Acquiring a financial institution account is an extremely important key to take after your Singapore company setup. It’ll make it simpler to pay for bills and receive payments from customers and clients for those who have a Singapore banking account. It may also help with such things as documentation. You could have official records of transactions, for instance.

Marketing Supplies and Materials

Don’t forget about supplies for marketing your company. You will need to generate a business website as quickly as possible. It’s a great time to possess sales products like brochures and business card printing printed up, too.

GST Registration

There’s a products or services tax in Singapore. You might be needed to join up, if you’re managing a large business. In case your total sales are several million dollars, you’ll be susceptible to products or services tax. Also, should you expect annual sales of 1 million, you need to sign up for the products or services tax.

Work permits

It might be necessary to try to get work permits. If you’re getting staff or employees along with you, it’s your responsibility to acquire employment passes. Remember that spouses and kids will require dependent passes also.


After your setup of the Singapore company, you won’t be needed to withhold tax from employees pay. However, in case your workers are local, you’ll be needed to pay for a portion of the pay towards the Central Provident Fund, or CPF. Permanent residents will also be regarded as local. Every month you will have to result in the contribution and you’ll have a elegance duration of 14 days, to do this.


After the entire process of a business setup in Singapore, you have to have a couple of more steps, to work. Determine should you require a company permit or license. Open a financial institution account, obtain marketing supplies and appearance into GST registration. Get worker work permits and find out about any CPF contributions, should this apply.

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