The Invaluable Role of Your Project Managers and How to Enhance Their Aptitudes

The Invaluable Role of Your Project Managers and How to Enhance Their Aptitudes

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By the year 2022, upwards of two million new project management positions will be filled throughout the world and it’s incredibly important to ensure that these professionals are properly trained, coached, and tutored with regard to cutting-edge strategies and tactics.

In this regard, the best way to enhance the operational capabilities of your current and incoming project managers is to partner with a reputable consulting organisation that can facilitate instructive project management courses in London. This brief editorial will explain why.

The Quantifiable Effects of Targeted Courses and Seminars

According to a recent study conducted amongst 2,300 corporate leaders throughout Europe, hiring a specialised consulting firm has been proven to positively impact today’s project management divisions:

  • Two-thirds of the firms that scheduled at least five training courses in 2017 were able to enhance job satisfaction and employee retention rates by nearly 20%.
  • 6% of participants stated that “industry-specific lessoning immediately improved interdepartmental communication and project-based efficiency”.
  • Nearly 70% of mid-level managers and support staff attested to “learning valuable skills and new concepts that helped increase versatility and resourcefulness during projects”.
  • After undergoing the two-week coaching programme within the study, three out of every four HR departments reported a “considerable decrease with regard to interpersonal conflicts, client complaints, and other detrimental incidences”.
  • 56% of top-level project managers stated that they were “able to complete their current ventures ahead of schedule and under budget”.

As you might imagine by now, project management training is not a gimmick or stunt; it’s an effective way to implement innovative skill sets and out-of-the-box thinking in today’s ultra-competitive business landscape, which is why countless companies all over the UK are beginning to partner with local consulting agencies.

What Are the Most Impactful Courses and Seminars?

If you visit the website of a renowned corporate training firm and take a closer look at their documented case studies, you’ll notice several distinctive lesson plans that have been proven to effect empirical improvements:

  • Applying basic terminologies and methodologies within the typical project lifecycle
  • Identifying the most integral roles and functions of team members
  • Implementing Scope Management tactics to improve effectiveness
  • Producing an intuitive Work Breakdown Structure before facilitating tasks, sales, and assignments
  • Evaluating the accuracy of project schedules and cost estimates
  • Building industry-specific Gantt Charts and conducting Critical Path Analyses
  • Mitigating risks, overhead expenditures, and superfluous undertakings
  • Classifying the most important project stakeholders and endpoint goals

These tools, concepts, and guidelines are invaluable in the contemporary corporate arena, which is why you should meet with all of your team members, IT officials, operational staffers, and managerial experts to figure out the most suitable timetable for some educational courses.

Within just a few short training sessions, you’ll be able to revitalise your daily ops and significantly enhance your ability to successfully complete projects. Be sure to reach out to a local consulting organisation as soon as possible.

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