What Is Green Girt and Why Do You Need This?

What Is Green Girt and Why Do You Need This?

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GreenGirt is less thermally conductive as compared to steel while it offers similar strength and also same load bearing capacity. It can be used between concrete or any other kind of wall material. The green girt isolates the wall cladding from the interior wall surface and as a result you can achieve higher degree of thermal performance. The energy costs will be substantially reduced because of this material.

Following are few reasons why you should use GreenGirt in your next project instead of using conventional Z-Girts

  • Improved energy efficiency

In conventional Z-Girts metal fasteners are used and due to this reason, it can create a thermal bridge between internal wall and external wall. Hence, heat from the room can escape out during the winter season. Similarly, during summer season, the heat from outside will get transferred into the interiors. On the other hand, GreenGirts are made up of composite materials and therefore it does not provide conduction of heat from inside to outside and vice versa.

Thus, it can isolate interiors of the house from exterior. Also, no fasteners are used for GreenGirt, which is also another medium through which thermal bridging can take place. Thus, eliminating the causes of thermal bridging, we can have improved energy efficiency and also eliminating condensation.

  • Easier to install

GreenGirt may take almost 30 per cent of time to install as compared to any conventional system of insulation. There are only few number of components to be installed and hence installation is much easier and straight forward. Therefore, it may lead to much lower cost of installation and reducing the time of installation too.

  • Superior durability

Steel may get corroded in due course of time and also there can be electrochemical reaction, which may lead to structural failure in the long run. On the other hand, due to composite nature of GreenGirts, which is formed by using bio resin and recycled glass improves the strength and also makes it environment friendly.

  • Reduced cost

Due to easy installation there will be reduced labor cost. Besides that, it will also provide considerable saving in energy cost. Thus, in the longer run you will end up saving lots of cost as compared to using conventional material.

  • Better compatibility

GreenGirt can be easily installed on any kind of substrate including masonry wall, wood or metal and compatible with most of the materials.

Therefore, GreenGirt can provide much better alternate to any other materials used for this purpose.

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